FULL ACCESS AT A GLANCE ALBATROS expands Indaux’s offer of lift-up systems, and is presently composed of two versions: one for the front of two folding doors (ALBA-T) and the other for a parallel opening door (ALBA-R). The ALBATROS lift-up sytems also incorporate the INDAmatic system for maximum smoothness of movement, being able to regulate the opening force and the soft-close depending on the weight of the door. ALBA-T: The ideal solution for low ceilings The ALBA-T system lowers the front, which is divided into two, for maximum use of space. Intermediate security hinge for finger pinch protection. ALBA-R: For niche cabinets with cabinets above The front moves upward vertically, so ALBA-R fitting is optimal in the case of superposed module or cornices. Fast and convenient access to the interior of the cabinet. 121