RAL-9003 536.008.001 500 RAL-7040 536.008.314 1 SMART SMART SMART White Grey Indaux presented this assembly at Interzum 2013 for the first time, in addition, it has received the Interzum award with the seal of “High product Quality”, corroborating its innovative and careful design. The SMART board connector simplifies the assembly of shelves and cupboards to a maximum, making it fast and intuitive, apt for all types of users. It allows for a single operation and the union of sides and tops of the cupboard with a single part, which in the case of shelves, can even be done with the cupboard already assembled. The fitting joins the functions of assembly and support, reducing the number of different elements needed for the piece of furniture. In addition, it does not need connecting bolts. It allows all furniture to be sent disassembled in a flat manner with the fitting preassembled, without adding bags of extra components. Connector > CH.4 ASSEMBLIES 166 CATALOGUE 2023