351.700.226 351.700.230 351.700.252 351.710.004 351.900.220 351.900.231 351.900.253 351.910.005 351.110.001 351.111.003 351.112.005 302.143.715 A:48, B:6 A:52, B:5.5 197.805.064 197.806.066 45 41,5 Ø41,5 3 4 Glass door covers Hinge arm cover COVERS Adaptor PA Cover PA Silver-polish PA Gold-polish PA Black Adaptor PA O-ring PA White PA Brown PA Black Cover PA Silver-polish PA Gold-polish PA Black Steel Nickel-plated INDAmatic for MESUCO 143 hinge cup. Nickel-plated zamak DAMPERS COVERS, DAMPERS Glass door covers, hinge arm cover, dampers This solution uses Indaux high performance MESUCO hinges as its starting point. And in order not to occupy any space inside the cabinet, the damper is then fitted into the cup. The damper fits comfortably into the hinge, adapts to the weight and size of the doors as well as the closing speed. MESUCO 143 rapid 39