C = B + K - D 10,5mm 4 A:48 - A:45 A:52 302.131.048 302.131.052 302.131.266 302.131.224 352.600.006 1 2 3 4 CLICK MESUCO X RAPID Opening 165º Hinges / Door Full overlay TECHNICAL DATA, COVERS Opening 165º, Covers Calculation of the height of the plate K = Constant = Lateral adjustment -1,5mm +2,5mm Frontal adjustment -1,5mm +2,5mm Vertical adjustment It depends on mounting plate model MESUCO X rapid INDAmatic COVERS Hinge cover. Steel Nickel-plated Steel Titanium color The hinge cover can be customized by stamping or serigraphy. Door cover. Steel Nickel-plated Angle reducer for 110º hinge White 71