400 434.040.106 450 434.045.102 500 434.050.105 600 434.060.104 10 700 434.070.103 800 434.080.102 900 434.090.101 Plate-rack + glass-rack + drip tray set. Module An assembly sheet is included. Introducing the new high quality plate -rack in 18.8 Stainless steel to store and drain plates, glasses and other kitchen utensils. As well as assuring long durability, it boasts a practical and useful design. The plate-rack comprises of a drip tray to collect the excess water, and is able to fit into any module or onto any surface, it does not have to be placed over the sink drainer. Different sizes are available to accommodate any kitchen module. This simple and convenient plate-rack is supplied individually boxed. PLATE-RACK In stainless steel Plate-rack in stainless steel with glass-rack, and drip tray. 159